Gramercy Trio

Photo by Susan Wilson,

In concert, the Gramercy Trio generates the relaxed and intimate atmosphere central to the spirit of chamber music. They write their own program notes and often speak to the audience from the stage. The great beauty and commitment of the playing, the strong relationship between the three artists, and their visible pleasure and enthusiasm engage the audience and draw them into a moving and memorable event.  Pre-concert lectures covering the composers and works to be performed are also available.

Community Engagement Concerts
Gramercy Trio creates an interactive environment by soliciting questions and reactions from the listeners. Together, musicians and audience members explore the rich world of classical music. Using examples from the pieces to be performed, they delve into such listening-related topics as humor, style, and form. Special projects such as ‘Where Sound and Motion Meet’ fall into this category (see reviews).

Inside Out Concerts
These hour long programs are designed to facilitate a deep emotional connection to the listening experience. They resemble guided meditations. Audience members are invited to remain after the program and share their experiences.

School Concerts
School concerts bring the world of classical music directly to the classroom. These interactive programs follow the general format of the community engagement concerts, using lively, age appropriate materials.

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