Where Sound and Motion Meet

Exploring the relationship between music and dance…

The project “Where Sound and Motion Meet” offers an entire evening’s entertainment in a three-part format, beginning with a pre-concert dance lesson. The program’s centerpiece is a performance featuring commissioned works based on dance forms. Each piece is played twice – once alone, and again with dance accompaniment. Throughout the concert, the audience is invited to consider various questions. For example, does knowing a piece is based on a particular dance-form affect expectations? Did the composer meet, stretch or break those expectations? How does including the dancers affect the listener’s relationship to the music? The evening’s third portion is a dance party.

For venues that lack a space suited to the event’s first and third portions, the performance section can stand alone. This project is ideal as part of a larger residency in which the trio collaborates with university dance departments or community-based dance ensembles.

Boston Globe Music Review
“A new music concert with a twist (and a slide)”, by Jeremy Eichler,
January 25, 2010. Download PDF

an ingenious program called “Where Sound and Motion Meet,” conceived and performed by the Gramercy Trio… clearly its imaginativeness touched a nerve, as a large curious audience packed into the room…. The Gramercy’s performances throughout the night had the kind of kinesthetic energy and zest that hinted at the positive feedback loop between music and dance, a relationship that is almost always implied but here made explicit as the animating idea of a delightful evening.
— Jeremy Eichler, The Boston Globe

Words from audience members about ‘Where Sound and Motion Meet’

  • “Thank you so much for the wonderful, inspired concert. That was truly great. Besides the fantastic musicianship and dancing, I especially liked the community feeling of it.”
  • “This made me rethink what a concert could be.”
  • “Friday night was a wonderful night of discovery for me.”
  • “fantastic, creative excellence…”
  • “Last night’s event was the best thing since running water! I hope there are more to come. “
  • “a FAN as of tonight.”
  • “a night of wonder.”
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