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The Gramercy Trio strives to help communities find their own musical voice. Residencies are tailored to meet the needs of diverse populations; young to old, urban to rural, serious music students to untapped audiences. In addition to concerts a typical residency might include:

Master Classes and Chamber Music Coaching
Master classes and chamber music coaching provide young musicians unique opportunities for focused work with the trio. Post residency relationships are maintained through our website, which provides direct contact with individual trio members.

Composers’ Workshops
Student composers are encouraged to write for the trio. Compositions are read and critiqued with a focus on notation, idiomatic approach, and musical form.

Seminars for Music Students, including the following topics:    

  • Entrepreneurial Skills  Aspiring performers are often unprepared for the business side of music. Entrepreneurial seminar topics range from forming and managing an ensemble to grant writing and marketing skills.
  • Community Engagement  Once students are out in the community, they need the tools to engage the audience and create a dynamic, interactive atmosphere. Engagement seminars focus on such issues as finding an ‘entry point’ into the music, social relevance, promoting active response from the audience, and learning modalities.  
  • The Teacher/Performer  This session looks at the ways in which musicians integrate and balance their roles as performers and teachers.                       
  • Dance for Musicians In this session students are given a brief introduction to one or two of the following dance forms: South African boot dance, baroque dance, and Argentine tango. Dance is a powerful teaching tool that enhances our understanding of music and music making. By embodying the music, dance  reinforces our sense of rhythm and heightens the kinesthetic connection to the music allowing for greater physical ease.  
  •  Just Tuning In This session offers a brief introduction to just intonation (versus equal temperament), and takes a look at the world of extended just intonation using the works and notation system of Ben Johnston.

Public Relations Concerts
The Gramercy Trio is available to attend private events to socialize with your supporters and perform a short program.

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