Fred Hersch: Concert Music 2001-2006 Fred Hersch: Concert Music 2001-2006
Composer: Fred Hersch. Performers: Natasha Paremski, Piano; Blair McMillen, Piano; Dorothy Lawson, Cello; Fred Hersch, Piano; The Gramercy Trio
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Shadow Bands Shadow Bands
Music for strings and piano by Scott Wheeler
Performers: The Gramercy Trio and Friends
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Memorial Tribute Concert to Donald Martino Memorial Tribute Concert to Donald Martino
Composers: Donald Martino, Peter Homans, Malcolm Peyton
Conductors: Jeffrey Means, Scott Wheeler
Performers: Jonathan Miller, Loewi Lin, Amy Advocat, Shirley Brill, Andrew Stetson, Dinosaur Annex Ensemble, Jessi Rosinski, Kristen Dirmeirer, Kazuki Oya, Randall Hodgkinson, Stephen Olsen, Byron Hitchcock, Sharan Leventhal
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