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Where Sound and Motion Meet
The project “Where Sound and Motion Meet” offers an entire evening’s entertainment in a three-part format, beginning with a pre-concert dance lesson. The program’s centerpiece is a performance featuring commissioned works based on dance forms. Each piece is played twice – once alone, and again with dance accompaniment. Throughout the concert, the audience is invited to consider various questions. For example, does knowing a piece is based on a particular dance-form affect expectations? Did the composer meet, stretch or break those expectations? How does including the dancers affect the listener’s relationship to the music? The evening’s third portion is a dance party. Read more…

Gramercy Kids
Years ago, before the web became the interactive playground it is today, I created Gramercykids as a way of staying connected to people we met on the road, and just to be silly and have fun. The look and format have changed, but much of the original content is still there – including the contests.
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Links & Resources
Here we’ve collected links to some of our favorite musicians and composers, as well as online resources for music students. Enjoy!
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