“…an ingenious program called “Where Sound and Motion Meet,” conceived and performed by the Gramercy Trio… clearly its imaginativeness touched a nerve, as a large curious audience packed into the room…. The Gramercy’s performances throughout the night had the kind of kinesthetic energy and zest that hinted at the positive feedback loop between music and dance, a relationship that is almost always implied but here made explicit as the animating idea of a delightful evening.”
— Jeremy Eichler, The Boston Globe

Praise for the CD, Shadow Bands (Newport Classic)…. “The Gramercy Trio (Leventhal, Miller, Hodgkinson) is the core ensemble for this program, …. The performances couldn’t be better. The sound is suited to chamber music — reverberant but clear and close, as though one is hearing it in an intimate but resonant hall, in the first couple of rows. Highly recommended.”
— Robert Carl, Fanfare

Review of Martino Piano Trio (Navona Recordings…): “It is hard to imagine a more dedicated performance than this. The expressive weight of dissonances is respected, with all required nuances. The Schoenbergian element to the high-lying string lines a minute or so before the piece’s end unashamedly takes the music into the realms of expressionist angst. An audience member whoops right at the end, and it is difficult to disagree with his eloquent appraisal of the performance’s merits.”
— Colin Clarke, Fanfare

“…a vigorous and often heated performance of the Ravel Trio, in which the players struck a fine balance between Impressionistic haziness and a transparency that allowed one to hear the complex relationship between the lines of the score. That measure of clarity was an unusual touch, and it made this a distinctive and memorable reading. After intermission the trio gave a beautifully wrought, sensitively balanced performance of Schubert’s Trio in E flat (Op. 100).”
— Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

“After the intermission, the deeper intricacies of Schumann’s Trio No. 1 were a bracing contrast. The trio, clearly pros exploring what interested them, gave the refreshing impression that everything they were doing was fun and worth hearing.”
— Anne Midgette, The New York Times

“Each member of the Gramercy Trio is a stellar recitalist and soloist, but they also combine to form one of the best chamber ensembles.”
— Bill Blankenship, The Topeka Capital Journal

“[Mr. Hodgkinson] has long won critical praise for his musicianship, superb pianism and advocacy of contemporary music. By any measure, he plays the piano as well as it can be played.”
— Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

“It was as intense and affecting as a roller coaster ride… What a piece! What players!”
— Keith Powers, The North Shore Magazine

“When Miller played the arching tune of the Andante, it was as if someone were confiding something important to you.”
— Anthony Tommasini, The Boston Globe

“Leventhal’s playing of the Messiaen was quite sublime, the phrasing exquisite, the tone absolutely steady, the expression rapt.”
— Ellen Pfeifer, The Boston Herald

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